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Home Minister Amit Shah : Policies and law and order situation in Jammu and Kashmir are favorable for investment

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said at the annual session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Assocham) that both policies and law and order in Jammu and Kashmir are worth investing in, you should pay attention to them. The right policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have taken the country forward on the path of progress. He was answering questions from industrialists during his address.

Amit Shah said that businessmen should choose the area for investment according to their market strategy and keeping in mind their business interest. I have no problem with where you invest as long as you benefit the country. But I must say that policy and law and order are both worth investing in J&K and you should consider it.

Bringing down logistics cost to 7.5 per cent in five years:

The Union government is working to bring down the logistics cost of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from the current 13 per cent to 7.5 per cent, the Home Minister said. He said, development of the country’s infrastructure is not possible without reducing logistics costs. Logistics expenditure in India is 13 percent of GDP, compared to eight percent in the rest of the world.

This makes it difficult for India’s exports to be globally competitive. The Union Minister said, we have to remove this difference of 13 percent and 8 percent. We have created a roadmap for the next five years. I want to assure that in the next five years we will bring the logistic cost down to 7.5 percent.

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Modi government has never taken any tempting decisions, ending political instability

The Union Home Minister said that the Modi government has never taken popular decisions for vote bank politics, but has worked to ensure the welfare of the people and political stability in the country. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has realized the concept of ‘Team India’. This is the reason why there have been good results in every sector in the last nine years.

Shah said that when we take a decision, we have the good of the country or the region in front of us. Before us is the intention of establishing order in the country. We don’t take decisions based on votebank. Otherwise GST would never have happened. We know that there is a long army of people mocking GST as “Gabbar Singh Tax” in the country. But we never cared about this.

laid a solid foundation for a five trillion dollar economy

Shah expressed confidence that the Modi government has laid a strong foundation to make India a developed nation by 2047 and a five trillion dollar economy by 2025. He said that now almost every business is using UPI. He said that in 2022, UPI’s share of 8,840 crore digital transactions will be 52 percent i.e. Rs. 1.26 lakh crores. Shah said that for the first time in the world Prime Minister Modi gave a human face to the dismal GDP figures through social schemes.

In infrastructure Rs. 100 lakh crore investment plan: Shah said that the Narendra Modi government will invest Rs. 100 lakh crore plans to invest, including doubling the railway line, widening it, connectivity between Mumbai to Delhi and Amritsar to Kolkata. There are some big projects. Like medium freight corridor as well as 11 other industrial corridors.

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Modi’s era will be known as a period of political stability Home Minister Shah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave political stability to the country, this period under Modi’s leadership will be known as a period of political stability in India’s democratic history. He said that development is not possible without proper policy which requires foresight.