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Making bogus Aadhaar card and PAN card: 15 crore insurance scam in Gujarat

In Gujarat State Rajula City, people including doctors and insurance agents used to create bogus documents in the name of the deceased and deposit insurance policies in their accounts and cheat the money. But the police busted this network and booked four persons. The entire scam is likely to reach 15 crores. At present, only one case has been registered in this district.

Scam by creating bogus document in the name of dead person

Local PSI A.M.Radhanpara himself became a complainant in this regard, Hanu Hamjibhai Parmar, who worked as a doctor in Dungar village and Vanraj Madhubhai Baldania of Dungar, who ran a laboratory and worked as an insurance agent, Uday Singh Ramsingh Rathod, who lived and did business in Kaliabid, Bhavnagar, and Jitesh Himatbhai, who lived in Tilaknagar, Bhavnagar. A case has been registered against persons named Parmar. When these four persons were taking the car to Rajula, the police searched it. A large number of bogus Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, insurance policies, bank passbooks, check books etc. were recovered from Karma.

The gang is likely to have cheated different insurance companies of 14 to 15 crores

​​​Here the Aadhaar card of a young man named Ankush Bhikhubhai Jinjala was found. Who died four months ago. Besides, Aadhaar card of famous Arjun Bhikhubhai’s elder Kherali was also found while mixing. In which a photo of Lalji Nanji Bambhania of Dungarparda was attached. These people used to lure the family of the person who is seriously ill, get the documents and create bogus documents with false names and take policies from different companies in his name. After the death of the latter, they used to get the amount of these policies and share it with everyone. In this way, they created a large number of bogus policies in the entire Rajula and surrounding areas. On the basis of bogus documents, this cheater gang has defrauded different insurance companies of 14 to 15 crores.

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Involvement of Government and Semi-Government Agencies as well

Here insurance policy was taken in the name of dead persons. In which there are also government insurance companies. Apart from this, bogus Aadhaar cards and PAN cards were also released. Thus the involvement of government and semi-government agencies is also open.

The family of the deceased was also tempted

Goti used to get all the documents of a terminally ill patient in this area by luring his family to get the air money. A small amount was also given to the family of the deceased when the insurance policy matured.

Part of the pot burst into flames

Thus, the entire network was run by collusion and the details could be kept hidden while all benefited equally. But the information reached the police after objecting to the part.

16.08 lakh worth of goods seized

The police seized two cars worth Rs 15 lakh, 10 mobiles, Aadhaar card, PAN card, insurance policies, cheques, passport size photos, etc. from the four persons, including the arrested doctor and an insurance agent, worth Rs 16.08 lakh.